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SUP Stand Up Paddle is the ideal sport at the cliff coast and endless beaches of the Algarve.

Thinking of enriching your stay in the Algarve with some watersport activity?

Naturally, the Algarve with its coastal cliffs and endless golden beaches is predestined for watersports of all kind.
And of course, wherever there’s sophisticated tourism at waterfronts like Vale do Lobo or Quinta do Lago, you’ll easily find providers for surf, kite surf, wing surf, kayak, canoe, jet ski and boat tours.

But when it comes to a truly intriguing activity in the waters of the Algarve, they all come second to SUP Stand Up Paddle.

Connect with the unspoilt surroundings and breathtaking cliffs of the Algarve

Connect with the unspoilt surroundings and breathtaking cliffs of the Algarve

We’ve got something for the determined ones…

Pack up your gear in morning’s early hours and witness the sun rising silently at the world famous and breathtaking Benagil Cave. All of our participants of SUP Sunrise Benagil experience this as a truly humbling and life altering moment.

… or memorable moments for just the two of you?

In contrast there’s our most romantic SUP Sunset Ria Formosa tour. It not only offers quiet and relaxing Stand Up Paddling. In this tour you and your beloved one share the beautiful experience to witness the sun sinking silently into the sea.

What about something for your family or team-members?

For those intending to get started in Stand Up Paddling, our SUP Beginner Ria Formosa tour offers enriching experiences. Its ideal and unspoilt environment will hand you the opportunity to discover migratory birds nesting, Dolphins and even Flamingos in the wilderness.

Finally a SUP treat for the individualist

Glide along the quiet beaches of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Witness the beauty of its fauna and flora. Or experience the authentic calm and quiet of Tavira‘s sand sheltered beaches with our SUP Algarve On Demand.

Those all really are once in a lifetime experiences, and their memories will certainly last forever.


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